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2014 AGM

Here is our annual AGM photo for 2014.

Call sign VI2ANZAC

BMARC has received the special event call sign of VI2ANZAC. We can used this call sign from 25th April to 1st May. We will be having an operational period with the Glenbrook/Blaxland RSL Branch at the Glenbrook Bowling Club starting about 11.30am on the 25th April,members are invited to intend.
During the week the Executive Committee invites members to use VI2ANZAC, but before doing so we will draw up an operational schedule for all participants. We will start collected time schedules at the next normal Club meeting Friday March 6th. The following rules should be adhered to as far as possible.

1. operate at nominated time and came be done from your home, cw or voice.
2. If possible two people should operate, one MUST be an advanced license holder.
3. all contacts must be logged correctly.
At the end of the week all logged contacts to be collected and sent to the WIA.

So that there will be no unnecessary clashes when wanting to use this special event call sign an Operational Schedule has been established. The time schedule Form is now at the Club Rooms, anyone wishing to participate must fill in the times they would like to use when using the special event call sign. Do not forget we have the call sign for one week. Turkey can be reached via Echolink.

For further information please contact the Secretary, Warren Day on phone number 4739-6322.

BMARC Education

Are you interested in becoming a Radio Amateur? A BMARC Foundation Course could be your first step towards a great new hobby or even a

career in electronics - and it only takes a commitment of one weekend. Our education team are waiting to


BMARC has just announced that there will be foundation license courses available on the second weekend of even months.

There will be more details later.


Up Coming Events

If you are looking here to see if the club will be open on Saturday - then there is a pretty good chance that it will be open.

The club rooms will be open on Saturday from about 10.00 till 14.00.

Rick VK2.CMR


Harry Angel Memorial 80m Sprint.

Date And Times. 2 May 2015. Starts 1000 UTC Spans 106 mins Mode PHONE/CW/MIXED.

ARI International DX Contest.

Date And Times. 2nd-3rd May 2015 Starts 1200 UTC Spans 24 Hours Mode CW/SSB/RTTY.

Volta WW RTTY Contest.

Date And Times. 9th-10th May 2015 Starts 1200 UTC Spans 24 Hours Mode RTTY.

The next meeting will On Friday the 1st May 2015
Will be own AGM
Doors Open from 7:30 Starting at 8:00 P.M.
The Hall will be close on the weekend of 11/12 April for a Foundation course.

If you are interested in Amateur Radio and live in Sydney, or even further afield, then you are welcome to come and visit the Blue Mountains Amateur Radio Club.

Weekly Nets

BMARC runs 2 weekly nets at the following times and frequencies



8 P.M Tuesday

3543 kHz or as a trial maybe 3540 kHz or 7120 or possibly 7115 kHz depending on QRM & QRN so please try looking for us because we will be around somewhere for sure. We just have not decided yet what is the place to be for this time of year and some members are having lots of trouble with noise.

8 P.M. Wednesday

147.650 MHz in, 147.050 MHz out
using the club's repeater.

Also accessible via IRLP reflector 9501
or Echolink conference *VK2US*

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