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Brian JT65 Demo

Here is Brian doing his excellent presentation on JT65.

Congratulations must also go to Brian VK2AAF who was interviewed by Linda Mottram on the ABC - 702 kHz 2BL a professional radio station, about ham radio, on the 10th of April 2014. So please join with me in thanking Brian on his excellent work in promoting Amateur Radio & the BMARC.

In older news, it looks like our antenna has suffered some damage and will need a very expensive repair made to get 6m, 2m & 70cm restored again to their former glory. The 6m antenna is bent about 90 degrees and part of the 2m has snapped at the base. The cost of the antenna(s) is not so bad but the cost of getting them up is a problem. As a result we are now operating on our spare antennas. (Thanks to the team who decided years ago that that may come in handy one day !)
The IRLP node and the repeaters including IRLP have now been restored as best as possible for now. 70cm may still be shutting down after it heats up though.

BMARC Education

Are you interested in becoming a Radio Amateur? A BMARC Foundation Course could be your first step towards a great new hobby or even a

career in electronics - and it only takes a commitment of one weekend. Our education team are waiting to


BMARC has just announced that there will be foundation license courses available on the second weekend of even months.

There will be more details later.

Coming Events.

Up Coming Events

If you are looking here to see if the club will be open on Saturday - then there is a pretty good chance that it will be open.

The club rooms will be open Saturday 19th April from about 10.00 till 13.00 depending on interest.


Thank you to all those who helped in various ways at the BBQ Fundraiser - especially Carl who did all of the organising. Fortunately the rain did not hamper the cooking.

The next meeting will be our AGM held On Friday the 2nd of May 2014.
Open from 7:30 Starting at 8:00 P.M.

A big thank you Tony for your talk on the NBN at our last meeting. It was interesting and also controversial.


Friday 2nd May 2014 is the AGM 8 P.M. at 4 Moore St Glenbrook.
Consider that all positions are vacated and a new Committee and Executive will need to be elected.

All financial members should now have a copy of the invitation along with the Nomination and Proxy forms.
If you have not yet received it then please check your old email address or contact someone on the committee ASAP. We would really hate you to miss out :)

If you are interested in Amateur Radio and live in Sydney, or even further afield, then you are welcome to come and visit the Blue Mountains Amateur Radio Club.

Weekly Nets

BMARC runs 2 weekly nets at the following times and frequencies



8 P.M Tuesday

3543 kHz or as a trial maybe 3540 kHz or 7120 or possibly 7115 kHz depending on QRM & QRN so please try looking for us because we will be around somewhere for sure. We just have not decided yet what is the place to be for this time of year and some members are having lots of trouble with noise.

8 P.M. Wednesday

147.650 MHz in, 147.050 MHz out
using the club's repeater.

Also accessible via IRLP reflector 9501
or Echolink conference *VK2US*

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