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2014 AGM

Here is our annual AGM photo for 2014.

Hello All,

This email is regarding the BMARC [Blue Mountains Amateur Radio Club] Wednesday Night Upgrade Class.
Each Wednesday (excluding Public Holidays), starting on the 11th March 2015, BMARC conducts classes in Amateur Radio Theory. These sessions are intended to be of interest to anyone wishing to obtain either the Standard or Advanced licence.

Students will be encouraged to learn at their own pace and can take the exam when they feel they are ready.

If you wish to attend please confirm your intention, Names and phone number, by return email.

Thank you for choosing to attend our course. We want to inform you as to the procedure and pre-requisites.

There are no educational, age, citizenship or residential pre-requisites.
Morse code knowledge is not required.
Any student who would requires any form of special assistance in completing their exam or practical assessment must notify us of the details.
It is the policy of BMARC that all Minors must be accompanied by a Parent / Legal
Guardian at all times.

To assist those who wish to obtain either the Standard or Advanced Amateur Licence.

Standard Licence Other Information
Advanced Licence Other Information

The aim is have students sit their Assessments in November at BMARC. Attending the BMARC Wednesday Night Upgrade Class is not a prerequisite or guarantee to sit and/or pass the assessments.

Course Dates and Times;
The classes run every Wednesday evening from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, from 11th March, ending in November, excluding public holidays, at the BMARC facility.
If you miss a class you should be able to catch up. Some home study will be required.

Free to members of BMARC or $2 per night for non members.

You will also require the textbook "Radio Theory Handbook for Amateur Operators 5th Edition" by Fred Swainston.
Publisher : Silverdale Publications ISBN : 0-646-35449-3.
This book is available from the National WIA bookshop.

Additional handouts will be provided throughout the course.

What to bring along;

Pad or exercise book etc. for taking notes
The textbook "Radio Theory Handbook for Amateur Operators.
A Calculator , later when required.

Our Location; BMARC Clubhouse [4 Moore Street, Glenbrook 2773]

Google Map Link:

Cancellations and Unforeseen Events by BMARC
Although BMARC is committed to honouring its commitments to its Students, it should be understood that unforeseen events may require last minute changes to be made.
If unforeseen circumstances occur where the Wednesday Night Upgrade Class is affected, BMARC will attempt where practical, to inform you, by phone, of this.

Minors attending BMARC
BMARC will be visited by other Students, members of the BMARC Education Team (Instructor, Assessors, Property Manager etc) and other Members and Non Members in non related activities. Although it is a condition that all Assessors hold a "Working with children" clearance, this does not apply or include club members, officials and visitors, thus the following policy is in effect.

It is the policy of BMARC that all Minors must be accompanied by a Parent / Legal Guardian at all times.

A Minor is defined as a person under the age of 18 years. A Parent / Legal Guardian is defined as follows: Parent, Step Parent, Legal Guardian, A person who has Legal Parental Rights & Responsibilities.


Education Officer BMARC
Ph 02 9606 7404

BMARC Education

Are you interested in becoming a Radio Amateur? A BMARC Foundation Course could be your first step towards a great new hobby or even a

career in electronics - and it only takes a commitment of one weekend. Our education team are waiting to


BMARC has just announced that there will be foundation license courses available on the second weekend of even months.

There will be more details later.


Up Coming Events

If you are looking here to see if the club will be open on Saturday - then there is a pretty good chance that it will be open.

The club rooms will be open on Saturday from about 10.00 till 14.00.

Rick VK2.CMR

We Held our Bunning's BBQ on the 7th Feb. The Exec would like to thank everyone that help out on the day.


Date and Times 14/15 February 2015 Starts at 0000 UTC Spans 48 Hours Mode RTTY.

Date and Times 21st 22nd February 2015 starts at 0000 UTC spans 48 Hours Mode CW.

Date and Times 27th 1st February/ March 2015 Starts 2200 UTC Spans 48 Hours Mode SSB.

John Moyle Memorial Field Day. The next Field Day will be held over the weekend of the 21st-22nd March 2015 and will run from UTC 0100 on the Saturday to 0059 on the Sunday. We are Holding the John Moyle Memorial Field Day from the club rooms.

The next meeting will On Friday the 6th March 2015.
Doors Open from 7:30 Starting at 8:00 P.M.

THe Exec would like to say thank you to Jan vk2feb for his talk on wicen. The hall will not be open on weekend of 14/15 February as we are holding a foundation course on this weekend .

If you are interested in Amateur Radio and live in Sydney, or even further afield, then you are welcome to come and visit the Blue Mountains Amateur Radio Club.

Weekly Nets

BMARC runs 2 weekly nets at the following times and frequencies



8 P.M Tuesday

3543 kHz or as a trial maybe 3540 kHz or 7120 or possibly 7115 kHz depending on QRM & QRN so please try looking for us because we will be around somewhere for sure. We just have not decided yet what is the place to be for this time of year and some members are having lots of trouble with noise.

8 P.M. Wednesday

147.650 MHz in, 147.050 MHz out
using the club's repeater.

Also accessible via IRLP reflector 9501
or Echolink conference *VK2US*

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